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Hotel Clementin

Newly reconstructed hotel Clementin is situated in the heart of the historical centre of Prague, between famous Charles Bridge and Old town square.

Rarity is the minimum width of the house (3.28 m), making it the narrowest preserved house in Prague. Building history of this house is uncertain, lay-out of the city, however, shows that the house was developed by a supplementary division of a larger neighbouring building.

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Where to find us?



Seminářská 4/176
Prague 1, 110 00
GPS: 50° 5´ 10.59 N, 14°25´ 1.67 E


Phone: +420-222 231 520
Mobil: +420-606 787 955
Skype: clementin.avehotels

how to find us?

Public transport:

Metro: station Staromestska, line A
Tram: stop Staromestska,
line No. 2, 17, 18, 93
Bus: stop Staroměstská, line No. 194, 207
stop Mariánské náměstí, line No. 194

By car:

The history of the hotel and nearby

House No. 176/4 At the Virgin Mary from the year of around 1360 (later also called At Our Nice Lady) is a very narrow ( 3.28 m!), biaxial, three-storey house, set in a crooked Semináøská street – this irregularity shows a very old origin of the street and houses located there.

Building history of this house is uncertain, lay-out of the city, however, shows that the house was developed by a supplementary division of a larger neighbouring building. Current look of the exterior and interior is a result of modern modification of late classicist facade. The oldest part of the house is a Gothic cellar with an unusual massive wall, where also a part of a stony, certainly medieval vault, remained preserved. Until 1433 the house was obviously part of the neigbouring house No.175, whose part was probably the cellar space. It is not possible to exclude that in the 16th century frontal part to Semináøská street was built up, where there was probably a narrow street between the houses. After following connection with number 175 in 1627 the house had the same facade. Renaissance construction corresponds with an overlapping floor over the ground floor. Probably in the 17th or at the beginning of the 18th Century, the house became totally independent. At that time the house was increased by a 3rd floor. The entry into the house is framed by the sand-stone Baroque ribbon portal with a transom light.

Karlova Street

used to be the connecting road to Křížovnícke square. It was originally called Svatoklimentská, then it was renamed to Zlatnická (Goldsmith street), Ševcovská (Shoemaker street) and also Nožířská (Cutler street). This street existed already in the twelfth century.

King’s procession first passed by The House at the Three Pomegranates, then houses At the three Angels, and U Hejnů. On the other side, there are following houses: At Golden Pear, At Golden Clock, At Golden Apple. There is another important site in their vicinity – it is the Clam-Gallas Palace, which is one of the most important palaces in Prague. It used to be one of the significant cultural centers, where concerts and theater performances took place. It hosted many famous persons such as Amadeus Mozart or Ludwig van Beethoven.

Other important houses are At Golden Sheep and At Black Snake. The house At White Horse and At Golden Well have beautiful facades. This house is one of the oldest and most beautiful ones in the Old Town. Many tourists are fascinated by its beautiful facade with stuccos of saints. Another important house is the one on the corned called At the Blue Pike. There used to be the first cinema in Prague.

In hotel’s vicinity there is Klementinum – enormous complex of buildings, the second biggest one in Prague (Prague Castle being the first one), has always been the center of education and culture. It has been the seat of the National Library for more than two hundred years. It preserves the most valuable manuscripts and all the books that have been published in Bohemia since 1807. The most important parts of Klementinum are the Clock Tower and the Astronomical Tower, which is sixty-eight meters high. The cupola on its top is decorated by the statue of Atlant who is carrying the globe in his hands. A meteorological observatory has been residing in the tower since 1775. It measures and recorded climatic changes in Prague. Due to the fact that these measurements have taken place for more than two hundred years, the Prague observatory has gain many world primacies. As a result of astronomical observations, astronomical machines were installed to the tower in 1750. Another treasure hidden by the walls of Klementinum is a unique collection of historical globes in the Mathematicians’ hall. Another points of interest include the Mirror chapel or the Baroque library hall. There are thirteen sundials. At present, Klementinum is the seat of the National Library where you can find many unique books and publications.

Religious monuments

There are several interesting religious sites. There is St.Kliment’s Church, which used to be the church of the Jesuit College. It was built between 1711 and 1715. Inside the church, there are beautiful statues by Matyáš Bernard Braun. The church has perfect acoustics and attending a worship or concert here is thus an unforgettable experience.

The Old Town Square is the oldest square in the historical center of Prague. There used to be an important market already in the tenth century. The square is surrounded by many historical houses. There is also the famous Old Town Square City Hall with the world-famous astronomical clock, built in 1410. Do not miss the chance to take the elevator to the City Hall tower, from which you will have a wonderful view of the whole square. The city hall was established in 1338. Twelve apostles appear in the windows of the astronomical tower every hour. There is also a calendar board with all the zodiac signs.

The Charles Bridge is the oldest preserved bridge in Prague and it connects Old Town with Lesser Side. Its foundation stone was laid by Charles IV in 1357. The bridge is 516 meters long and 9.5 meters wide. It was build from sandstone blocks under the supervision of the famous builder Petr Parléř. There are 30 statues on the bridge; most of them come from the period of 1706 – 1714.The National Theater is also worth visiting. It was built with the money gathered in public collection in 1868-1881. Its founding stone was laid on May 16, 1868 and the theater was firs opened on June 11, 1881 at the occasion of Crown Prince Rudolph visiting Prague. The first performance was opera Libuše written by Bedřich Smetana. Two months later, the building was destroyed in the fire and the theater was re-opened only at the end of 1883. Its new-Renaissance building designed by Josef Zítek is one of the most important buildings in Prague.

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